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Are you looking to sell or consign your piano? World Class Pianos might be interested. We are contacted daily with potential pianos to buy or consign, and we take only the very best of them. Our main interest is in premium pianos from the United States and Europe such as Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Petrof, Bosendorfer, Schimmel, Bechstein, and more.  Our process for choosing pre-owned pianos to sell in our store is thorough, and the pianos must meet the standard of Dr. Benjamin Boren, the store's owner.
Selling or consigning your piano through World Class Pianos gives you the best chance for quick success. We sell a lot of pianos, and proudly display our pre-owned pianos in the store and on our website; we are looking to sell your piano, not use it to sell new inventory as many other stores do.  Our consignment terms are clear, you will know up front what you will be getting, as opposed to getting a percentage of an unknown selling price. 
To get started, please fill out and submit the form below. The process typically goes as follows:
1. Fill out and Submit form; World Class Pianos will respond within a few days.
2. If we are interested in your piano, you will be asked to submit pictures of your piano to
3. Dr. Boren will come visit the piano in person
4. If necessary, Dr. Boren will send a technician to check the piano
5. Parties agree on terms
6. World Class Pianos finds your piano a great new home.

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