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Piano Store in San Mateo, CA - World Class Pianos
This 2005 Mason & Hamlin BB (7’) looks and plays like a brand new piano; it has all the original parts and includes a Jansen Artist Bench. It has always been in the San Francisco Bay Area with a single owner, and has been regularly serviced by a RPT-certified technician. The piano features Mason & Hamlin’s trademark powerful bass along with a beautiful clear tone; the action is extremely sensitive, making the piano easy to control. Please visit our showroom or call the store for more information!
Grand Piano in San Mateo, CA - World Class Pianos
This 1979 Steinway L is a player's piano, with a great tone and action. The cabinet is pristine, the hammers are hardly used, and it has all Steinway parts. It's the perfect piano for a performer, teacher, and anyone who appreciates an amazing piano from the world's most famous brand! At 5'10.5", it will fit perfectly in any home, school, or church. Come see and play it, and make it yours today!

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