Acoustic Pianos

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Whether you’re an experienced or a novice player, we invite you to shop the broad selection at World Class Pianos. We feature a little something for everyone! From grand pianos to digital piano models, we offer a high-quality range at the most competitive prices in the Bay Area.
Grand Piano San Mateo, CA

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Grand Piano San Francisco, CA
Grand Pianos

Grand pianos produce a rich, full sound like no other. Ask us about models that feature full Renner Action and Hammers.
Grand Piano San Jose, CA
Upright Pianos

The upright is like a grand piano, but in a vertical position. This instrument produces a rich and full sound.
Grand Piano San Francisco, CA
Studio Pianos

The studio is the most popular and preferred instrument for teaching studios and institutions due to the rich and full "grand-like" tone it produces.
Grand Piano San Jose, CA
Console Pianos

As the most popular of any of the vertical pianos, the console piano features a strong response and longer strings, producing a full and vibrant tonal quality.
Digital Piano San Jose, CA
Digital Pianos

Digital pianos offer a wide range of conveniences, like changing instruments at the push of a button, built-in tempo and playback options, and strong compositional capabilities.
If you’re not sure which instrument will best suit your needs, one of our knowledgeable representatives would be happy to point you in the right direction. Stop by our showroom or contact us today!
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