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Founded in 1988 in Sacramento and owned by Mason & Hamlin, PIANODISC is the world’s leading manufacturer of player piano systems. The IQ Intelligent Player System can be installed on almost any piano retroactively, uses the entire 88-key range of the piano, and can be easily controlled with an Ipad or Iphone. The QuietTime System allows you to play silently and to record yourself. 
Piano Store in San Mateo, CA - World Class Pianos
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With PIANODISC, there are no bulky boxes or flashing buttons; with the exception of the power cord, the IQ Intelligent Player System is completely hidden from view. It’s perfect for relaxing at home, entertaining during parties, and even for learning your favorite songs. You can even watch videos of live performances played on your piano -- watch the videos below for more information!
The QuietTime MagicStar V5 turns any piano into a Silent Piano that can be played with headphones, and also gives you the ability to record yourself and play it back! Come into World Class Pianos for a PIANODISC demonstration today! 
Digital Piano in San Francisco, CA - World Class Pianos
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