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Handcrafted in the Czech Republic since 1864, Petrof pianos have a uniquely rich sound and tremendous aesthetic appeal; their cabinets proudly display the European Excellence (EEX) seal, verifying European parts and labor. With a remarkable dynamic range and outstanding control, Petrof pianos are in demand by concert venues and pianists the world over. World Class Pianos is proud to be the ONLY AUTHORIZED PETROF DEALER in Northern California. 
Grand Piano San Francisco, CA
PETROF pianos have a distinctively warm, round, and singing tone that is both powerful and clear. They use both Renner and Petrof Original actions, giving the pianist tremendous control of dymanics and nuance. These are professional-grade instruments, suitable for performing, teaching, practicing, and recording; and are equally perfect for the home, studio, or performance hall. Warranty: 10 years, Parts & Labor to the original purchaser 
Grand Piano San Francisco, CA
PETROF grands come in six sizes, with several styles and feature available in select models:
Bora 5’2”
Breeze 5’8”
Storm 6’3”
Pasat 6’10”
Monsoon 7’9”
Mistral 9’2”

PETROF verticals come in a variety of sizes, the main ones are:
P125 48”
P131 51”

Please visit World Class Pianos for more information about sizes and styles, and to see what we have in stock! 
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