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Made In The USA
Founded in 1854, Mason & Hamlin is one of America's oldest and most respected piano manufacturers. Known for their lush, powerful sound, these pianos are assembled in Boston with only the best materials and with the highest quality craftsmanship.
Sauter is the oldest piano manufacturer still owned by the founding family. These exquisitely crafted, 100% German pianos have unparalleled quality and an astonishing purity of tone, and have been considered among the world's best pianos since 1819.
Handcrafted in the Czech Republic since 1864, Petrof pianos have a uniquely rich sound and tremendous aesthetic appeal; their cabinets proudly display the European Excellence (EEX) seal, verifying European parts and labor. With a remarkable dynamic range and outstanding control, Petrof pianos are in demand by concert venues and pianists the world over.
Perzina pianos are an outstanding combination of quality and affordability, bearing the European Standard of Quality (ESQ) seal for containing more than 90% German parts and materials. With their innovative "floating soundboard" design, the Perzina uprights and small grands produce a big sound that belies their size, and feature unrivaled bass sonority.
Weber pianos have enjoyed worldwide acclaim since 1852, being the official piano for several European royal families and New York City's Metropolitan Opera. Designed today by Del Fandrich, Weber pianos have a distinctive mellow tone and are an excellent choice for both beginning and experienced pianists.
Since entering the piano industry in 1999, Palatino has built a solid reputation for their remarkable value, outstanding quality, and classic designs. Featuring German-style action, German strings & hammers, and Canadian solid spruce soundboards, Palatino pianos are an intelligent choice for first-time piano investors.
Roland's digital pianos are unmatched in quality and technology. They possess the most realistic piano action and the most realistic piano sound in the industry, and contain more customizations and technological features than any other brand. The Premium Upright Line comes with an industry best 10-year Parts and Labor Warranty.
Founded in 1988 in Sacramento and owned by Mason & Hamlin, Pianodisc is the world's leading manufacturer of player piano systems. The IQ Intelligent Player System can be installed on almost any piano, uses the entire 88-key range of the piano, and can be easily controlled with an iPad or iPhone.
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